RHJN is one of the most prominent OBGYN practices in the DC Metro area, having been around for decades. Unfortunately, the website has been around for a while, too.

*Picture on far right is on mobile.

What made Jared such a fantastic resource and teammate during our project was not only his abundance of personal knowledge, but also his robust network which he tapped to ensure the very highest quality for our website. Jared was able to assuage our layman fears (and OCD idiosyncrasies) and turned what would normally be such a tremendous undertaking into a routine and manageable affair. We would not hesitate to recommend Jared and Brevity to anyone who is considering increasing their online presence through a new website!
— Jason Miller and Evan White, Reiter, Hill, Johnson & Nevin


RHJN is a very successful and reputable OBGYN practice in the DC Metro area. 

RHJN has three offices with over 100 employees. They are known for top-notch care.

However, under the practice's new leadership, the #1 priority was to improve the overall patient experience, of which the website would play a critical role.


The old website had lackluster photos, poor colors, was hard-to-navigate, did not work well on mobile devices, and did not provide a platform for patients to engage with the firm.

Furthermore, the RHJN logo needed to be redone.

Overall, RHJN's visual identity needed to reflect a modern look that combined experience and a top-notch patient experience.


Brevity lead the design and implementation of the brand new website, as well as leading the project management process for the new logo.

The new website has strong visuals, updated content, is fully-responsive (works great on all devices), and has numerous options for client engagement, including social media integration, a patient survey, and a blog.

*Note: RHJN's website has undergone further maintenance with a partner suggested by Brevity. The website is therefore slightly different than when we finished the project originally.