When it comes to websites, less is more.

Compare these two examples of website home pages below.

One of them is excellent, and one of them induces nausea. Can you guess which is which?

The topic is sometimes referred to as "User Interface Design," "User Experience Design," and other similar terms, and it boils down to how people use technology. Every day, we are continuing to gain a better understanding of how people use technology. Below are some basic reasons why the website on the right is infinitely superior to the one on the left.

The amount of text on the page. Where do you even start reading on the left? The homepage on the right has a minimal amount of text. On the following pages, there is more, but it's sorted into intuitive and manageable "chunks."

Use color wisely. The website on the left uses atrocious shades of red and green, while the website on the right effectively utilizes white and various shades of gray. This is much more approachable and less overwhelming.

Let visuals be the hero. High-quality images/video is very important on a website. If it's not really easy to get pictures for your site, you can buy stock photos from sites like istockphoto and shutterstuck. A good rule of thumb is having an image be 1500 pixels (or more) on each dimension.

Easy navigation. The website on the left has a million places to click - which one should you choose!? On the right, there are only a few items to choose from, and they are clearly labeled. The user knows what to select to identify the information that he/she needs to make a decision.

White space. This doesn't mean actual space on the page that is the color white, but it means the areas on the website that aren't used up. Instead of trying to pack as much content in on a page as possible, it's important to "let your content breathe." Use space intelligently to separate various elements (text, pictures, etc.) so that they're easy to absorb and can stand on their own.

If you make your website simpler, with subtle hints as to what you want users to do, your results will show it. If you throw in as much content as possible, you'll drive people away.