You Need Graphics Online - Here's How to Easily Make Them

Humans are visual - we need graphics. High-quality graphics draw eyes to our websites/blogs, followers/likes to our pages, and give us credibility. But they are tricky to make ourselves and can be expensive to pay someone to do.

Your company's Facebook photo stinks. Your Twitter background is blurry. How the hell do you make something the right size for Pinterest? How does one do anything with Photoshop?

Oh, dear friends, the solution is Canva. It's free to join.

Canva is a web-based graphic design tool with a ton of different images, fonts, shapes, etc. to choose from. With a bit of practice (probably just by watching a few of their tutorials), you can create something that looks pretty darn good - with the exact correct size for wherever you need it.

You may have recently heard of them - they've been in the news, as they've recently received venture funding, and Guy Kawasaki - Apple's previous Evangelist - is now Canva's Chief Evangelist (don't ask me what the difference is by adding "Chief").

So save money, create cool things, and create more compelling content.