The Absolute Most Important Thing On Your Business Website


It's wonderful to have a site that has excellent pictures, works great on mobile/tablet, has a blog, has a contact form, etc. 

But what good is any of that without making it abundantly clear (especially on the home page) about what your business actually does?

Your website isn't a murder mystery novel - it's a place for others to go to get information about your company. Sadly, people forget this key fact.



Three Tips for Effective Messaging

  • Everyday words. Instead of saying industry-standard jargon, relate to your customer. Use plain vernacular to avoid confusing or alienating visitors.
  • Less is more / short and sweet. Do you ever read those "walls of texts?" I don't either. Have quick points that are easily-digestible. Use visuals whenever possible (and no, I don't mean bad, low-resolution clip-art!).
  • Answer only the essentials. Get in the shoes of your target market - what questions will they be asking? What types of things do they need? Where are their "pains?" Why are you different? How will you deliver this value?

Once you have clear messaging on your website, with only the essentials, users should be less intimidated and more likely to understand what it is that you do (and ultimately more likely to complete a contact form, for example). Everything else to messaging is secondary.