Why Business Owners Shouldn't Build Their Own Websites

These days, there are quite a few ways to build a website yourself.

As many of you probably know, Streamline uses the Squarespace platform exclusively to build websites. It's the perfect platform for small and mid-sized businesses to create a fantastic yet simple website that works great and is easy to maintain. It's full of features that are easy to integrate, with no updates or plugins to ever install.

So why pay someone when you can do it yourself?

You're a jack-of-all-trades savvy business owner who takes pride in your ability to save. More power to you! But unless you've done a lot of research and you're relatively tech-savvy, you probably shouldn't do it yourself. It will take a lot more time and energy than you previously thought!

Here are some of the many reasons that business owners shouldn't build their own websites:

  • Time-consuming. While these drag-and-drop systems have many templates and are relatively user-friendly, it takes time to learn the features/capabilities and how to get the site to look like you want it.
  • Much to learn. Not only do you need to know the particular system you're using to build your site, but you also need to learn about information architecture (how the information is laid out on a page), user interface design (the overall flow and usability of your site), graphic design (what colors and styles look good together and how to make it all uniform), to HTML/CSS coding for custom needs.
  • Additional expenses. One essential piece of software that web designers need is Adobe Creative Suite - which is expensive. A new license can cost as much as $2400!
  • Takes away from the rest of the business. While you're focused on fiddling with your website, you're taking time away from make sales, company operations, etc.

Okay, you get it. So why go with a company that just uses Squarespace?

Squarespace is the perfect platform - with amazing templates, many features that work seamlessly together, and it's amazingly reliable. We teach business owners how to perform basic site maintenance themselves -right in their web browser - to save time and money while taking more control over their website.