How-To: Monitor Link Traffic

We all want to know how much traffic our posts are getting. Sometimes we want to post a link, but it is too long/clunky (e.g. to Twitter). Sometimes we want to be able to create a QR code that links to a latest press release, but can't find out how to best utilize it. It is very important for one to monitor their website and see where traffic is coming from, as it can provide valuable insight into a variety of things, such as audience, which marketing methods are effective, etc. With a Google account (if you don't have one, trust me, make one), you can do all of this extremely easily and quickly...for free.  It just takes a few steps.

Step 1: Type into your browser (it's a web page, don't worry- Google's URL shortener). URL shorteners are a growing service because links can appear long and annoying.

Step 2: Type in the site's URL that you want to shorten. In this case, I'm using the URLs of one of my favorite blogs, Techcrunch.


Step 3: will provide a shortened URL for you to copy and use...but the possibilities don't end there.


Step 4: You can track user statistics/traffic for these links by typing "/info" between the "" and the rest of the URL.


Step 5: Not only can you see user statistics, but you also will get a QR code (upper right corner). The analytics will reflect the amount of times the QR code is used to navigate to your link.

Pretty fast and easy, huh!?


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